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3 comments on “Contact Us
  1. Deborah Amrhine / Audrey Kuzma says:

    Thank you all so much for supplying us with groceries for our Christmas dinner. It was such a blessing. We know that this involved the efforts & kindness of many people. We want to thank everyone who made it possible.

    We wrote you a card a long time ago, but haven’t gotton over to you, so I thought an email would have to do since it is so late. We’re sorry.

    God bless you all in the New Year. With appreciation for all that you do,
    the family of Audrey Kuzma & Deborah Amrhine

  2. Fran Carmen says:

    I just wanted to comment on the two officers driving shop 825 and 826 on September 5 at around 330pm I think a little girl got off the school bus at the wrong stop on Blairwwod rd and Silver Spring Rd and was list and scared. The officers came and made the little girl feel at ease they sat on the ground with her I’m sure to make her feel at ease. I just wanted to say what a great job they did they were true professionals.

  3. mike wright says:

    My name is Mike Wright and I am a local Parkville citizen of 44 years. I live in double rock park; I have three kids in local schools in Parkville. I have registered for national night out that I believe is on august 4th? I am representing a large group on facebook it’s our community page for Parkville and also double Rock Park. I would like to see if we can now register with you? We want to organize our community get together and fundraiser for Double Rock Park on the same night as the community night out. I have lots of interest from sponsors to donations to put this event together. We would have live music in the park pavilion maybe softball games, sack races all the fun picnic family events. The music would be for all ages so we could attract a lot of the youth in the area so you could reach out to the young people. I have catering people donating time and food. Bands donating time. We would like it to be an all day lawn chair event into the evening. We would like to build on our community spirit and I have a large group of interested people. In the end we would like to donate any money to double Rock Park and get a new piece of equipment or two for the park. We would love to put a piece of HC friendly equipment in place like maybe a wheel chair access gym set and a swing set. Please let me know if this would work for you. We need to bring Parkville together and I appreciate your time. My grandfather who passed away about 9 years ago was a retired lieutenant for the central district in Baltimore city. His name was Edward L Brown and he lived in Parkville his whole life. He then went on and worked as a bailiff and retired from that , so he served twice.

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